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Rear Trailing Arm Bushing BMW E36 E46 Z4 M3 (RTAB)

$219.45 $175.56

Control arm bushing for the rear trailing arm. Made of aluminum with bearings of the highest quality. Extremely durable bushing that prevents flex in the mounts, thus changing wheel angles. Provides a much more solid feel to the rear suspension and a safer behavior. This bushing replaces the original rubber bushings, which is a very weak part on track cars. Supplied with threaded locking ring to secure the bushing position in the arm.

Price for 2 bushings complete with bearings and sleeves.

More Information
Product type
Replaces BMW part number
33326770817, 33326757885, 33322228153, 33326770786, 33321097009, 33321137806
Fits on
All E36, All E46, All Z4
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