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Camber caster plates BMW E36 Z3, M3 Z3M

$329.45 $263.56

Adjustable camber and caster plates for BMW 3-series. New design. Many configurations available depending on spring and dampers used. Manufactured by Millway using the best parts and material available. Best range of adjustment on the market and still possible to tighten the screws. Stainless and Aluminum for long durability. Uniballs special designed for top mounts in super quality.

Choose optional springplates with ball bearings for 60mm racing springs. (Pictures soon avaliable)

Price is for one pair with adapter bushings for 14 and 16mm dampers.

More Information
Replaces BMW part number
31332227897, 31332227898, 31332228345, 31336779613
Fits on
All E36 and Z3. Including M3 Z3M
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