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Fixed Camber Plates Rally/Race BMW E36 E46

$462.00 $369.60

Lightweight camber plates for race or rally cars cars. Fixed camber that can be adjusted by rotating the plates.

Fits a lot of BMW models but are optimal for Rally, Rallycross or Racing cars that need a fixed secure mounting. They have a motorsport bearing with 20mm internal hole diameter to get maximum strength. Made in one piece aluminium for maximum strength and minimal weight. A needle roller bearing (Not included) must be used at the springs top or bottom. 

Price for a pair.


* 20mm bearing center hole.
* Stainless steel Motorsport bearings
* PCD 24x110 (15º rotation steps)
* 20mm offset
* Manufactured to order

See link for suitiable spring bearings.
Needle bearing for 60mm racing spring...

More Information
Fits on
All E36, E46, Z4, E8x, E9x
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