Front Tension Strut / Thrust Arms with Street bushings BMW M2 M3 M4 F8x Lemförder

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Front Tension / Thrust Arms with pre mounted Millway Bushings (FCAB). Street version for BMW F-series 2wd. Replaces the big, soft, stock, rubber bushing. Our bushing has a aluminium house with sealed uniballs for use in all conditions. Gives you more feedback and better handling. Perfect for your track day or street car. Premounted in new Lemförder Thrust arms. Ready to install.


  • Millway bushings with sealed bearings
  • Lemförder Thrust arms Left & Right
  • Pre mounted ready to install


Choose this version if you have a 2wd car


More Information
Product type Bushings
BRAND Millway
Location Front
Fits on M2F87, M3F80, M4F82, M4F83
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